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Surfing in IPv4

VUSiBino Tachometer II – Host

Utility files Imported functions

Start with a function “itoa()” I found very useful, It is not standard and serves to pass any base number and return it in a text string. The function returns a string and is fed with the value to evaluate and the base on which we want the string […]

Vusibino Tachometer

We can see microcontrollers as the cerebellum of a computer, communicating this to those we can feed the CPU with real-world data through sensors, and order him to perform actions on these data or memorize to act autonomously.

In this and the following entries shall see how to build a simple […]

VUSiBino demo – Parte I – the Firmware

Before proceeding with circuits and “shields for VUSiBino, we'll explain a little about how the program we've charged as an example and work program “host” to control the microcontroller. Its basic function is to demonstrate how we can change the status of the pins, send and receive information from the PC to the […]


One of the most attractive features of the microcontroller is its simplicity ATMega. Mount a plate with them is extremely simple and the possibilities are varied and easy to develop. The example is extreme simplicity Paperduino, and its variants Txapuzas. Using a simple hack you can connect a […]