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Example of Openseadragon and Worpress

Example Openseadragon with browser default position.

To generate the image DZI, once installed Graphics:DZI, from the command line just go to the directory where the image is processed, in this case “dzifiles” and type:

With the parameter “-format” we tell the program to create the mosaic in Jpeg format, if not do it in PNG, occupying in the worst case up to ten times more space on the server hard disk. In 2000 PNG image×1500 pixels can occupy about 10MB, while in jpeg will be about 1.5 MB. Not the format itself, but the default compression parameters of these formats on the server, jpeg always being more oriented to reduce the size.

After a while, the script returns control of the console and have created a directory-files and image file imagen.xml, it will use the OpenSeaDragon.

Or you can also do from this small Web application that just finished. Either by installing or downloading the zip and up the relevant files to the desired directory. It will generate the necessary files, and codes to paste in the plugin Creative Clans.


Lacking plugins for deepzoom, you can use the plugin “Creative Clans Embed Script”, very simple to use and positioning themselves to scripts beginning and end of the entry.

At first insert the script to load Openseadragon. For this to work correctly if you have installed WP Total chache should be excluded from file openseadragon “minificar” on the tab “minify”, section “advanced”, option “Never minify the following JS files:”.

In the box to insert at the end, the code for the image is:

The parameters are clear and simple: In “the:” indicate the container where the picture show, in ” prefixUrl” is where we indicate the direction in which the navigation icons on the display are saved, “tileSources” indicates the source of the image to represent, and “showNavigator” indicates that a window will thumbnail image to navigate.


The container is a simple “div” that I have customized it in this way:


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