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Surfing in IPv4

Windows – Add alternative DNS

When a computer connects to the Internet, To browse the web using domain names you need to contact machines that are capable of translating the IP addresses with which the computers identify each other to the web names that we, the humans, we use to go to the pages that […]

Server – Annex II – Copy, cut and paste in ssh with Putty.

Copy and paste into Putty. […]

Server – Anexo I – Installation medium

An ISO image is a copy of the structure of one CD-ROM that can be burned onto another directly. There are many programs to carry out the task, the alternativeto, Greater Geeks or Portableapps we can find countless free applications to do it, all extremely easy to use. Copy an ISO image to disk […]

Home Web Server – Software installation.

Debian operating system installation, Apache server software and utilities for home internet server. […]

Home Web Server -Introduction

The following series of entries will describe the installation and startup process of a personal web server that works from home and can be universally accessed. In this post we will discuss the equipment to use, The operating system, initial component installation and initial network configuration.

Purpose Requirements […]

DeepZoom, installing Graphics:DZI


There is a zoom format, Deepzoom which decomposes the original image into pieces, and allows zoom in on the image and very fluid with many options. For a JavaScript library Seadragon very clear and well documented use in web needed. Another adventure is to create different ddatos and images necessary for […]