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Surfing in IPv4

Server – Annex II – Copy, cut and paste in ssh with Putty.

In a putty session copying and pasting them is a little different from the known one “ctrl+c”, “ctrl+v”. To copy just select the text with the left mouse button, the medium serves to extend the copied area, right-click or “Ctrl-Shift+Ins” paste from where the cursor is. Unlike a graphical environment, the mouse does not place the cursor, except in some programs like the MC editor, we must place the cursor with the arrow keys (keyboard arrows). We can do tests creating any file with nano, p. not. “nano copypaste.txt”.

If we use a graphical environment with “X11 Forwarding” the behavior of the terminal changes, it is necessary to use the right mouse to open a context menu that allows us to copy and paste.

Also in a translocated graphical environment we can use text editors like Geany or LibreOffice Writer, these accept the key combinations “Ctrl+c”, “Ctrl+v” and “Ctrl+x” to copy, paste and cut.

Attention, that if we select text before copying the clipboard it will be emptied, we cannot overwrite a selection of text from the clipboard.

Putty copies to clipboard of host system, you can configure the behavior in the menu “Window->Selection”.

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